Academic Regulations

The University has a range of academic regulations that govern your studies, how you are assessed and how issues are dealt with. Below are the main student-facing policies and procedures, with links to the full documents on the University's website:

Personal Mitigation Circumstances (PMC) procedure

Explains what to do if there are serious circumstances of a medical or personal nature which has affected your ability to submit or sit assessments.

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Late submission of assessed work procedure

Explains the deadlines for submission of assessed work, the penalties for late submission and how to reduce the penalties for late submission.

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Assessment and Feedback for Taught Awards policy

Covers the principles and policy on assessments for all taught awards.

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Complaints procedure

Covers complaints against any academic or non-academic service provided by the University.

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Appeals procedure

Explains the process to follow if you wish to appeal against a decision made by the Board of Examiners / Postgraduate Research Award Board.

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Academic Misconduct procedure

Explains what types of activity constitute academic misconduct and how such matters are dealt with by the University.

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Disciplinary procedure

Covers what types of activity come under misconduct and how such issues are dealt with by the University.

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Fitness to Practice procedure

Covers professional misconduct and / or professional unsuitability of students whose professions are regulated by NMC, HCPC or GPhC.

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Fitness to Study procedure

Explains the situations where the procedure may be invoked, for example where there are substantial concerns about a student’s health, safety and well being.

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Forms for appeal, complaint, appeal against cancellation of registration and extension of project stage of the master’s programme 

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Online PMC form

For online submission of a PMC form. Requires you to login using your University computer network username and password. If you don't know your login details you will need to contact IT Services.

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Academic regulations for Taught Programmes (ARTP) 2015/16

Students sign up for these regulations when they register on their programme at the start of the academic year. Included within these regulations is the University’s “Fit to sit” policy, which you can find at ARTP7.2.7

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Frequently Asked Questions

The University have put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding acadmic regulations.

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Programme Handbook Part B

This forms part of your programme handbook, which explains how your programme is taught and assessed

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